Here’s an essay, with my photography, for Human Parts.

I’ll always have a spot in my heart for Nebraska. I lived in Hastings as a kid, and it was a great place to be 11 years old. Scorching summers, freezing winters and a sky that could be cloudless at noon and by 3 turn into a thunderstorm that washed out my Little League game. I don’t follow college football anymore, but I still check in on the Huskers deep time to time.

While we never spent any time in the western part of the state that Bart writes about, I remember a lot of days playing on the shores of the Platte River. Good times.

My only adult experience with Nebraska came as I drove alone across the state on Interstate 80. And drove. And drove. I thought Nebraska would go on forever. I should have stopped at one of the Mexican restaurants Bart writes about.

Bart’s essay is really evocative, and it brought back some great memories. Well done, sir.




This is an illustrated vignette of one of the stories (Saving Face) written by the mysterious, poignant and incredibly hilarious Canadian teacher, YOUSUCK,SIR.

I have never binge read a blog until I came across yousucksir. I spent three hours devouring anecdotes of pedagogy. It made me want to go back to school to finally pursue a masters in art education.

Hope you like!

2014//Laura Grace Marchi

I have never reblogged anything on You Suck, Sir—just because it wouldn’t fit the content I have in mind for my followers.  But after being knocked speechless by Laura Grace Marchi’s blog, I have to make an exception.  This is beautiful beyond words and I’m struggling to express the appreciation I have of her gift.  Please follow her, reblog, and let her know how gifted she is.  


clarinetistgreen asked:

Do your students know you run this blog or do you secretly run it without anyone knowing?

yousucksir answered:

My students have no clue and I prefer it that way or before you know it, they’ll be competing to see who’s antics end up in here.  My classrooms would be a nightmare!  

However, I do allow my students to add me on Facebook a few months after they graduate so I have a ton of former students following You Suck, Sir.  On a couple of occasions, I have had to privately ask specific students if I may share their story because there’s no way she wouldn’t recognize herself and it’s a sensitive subject, but I want to share it because I think it would be inspirational to many readers.  They have always given me permission and were flattered at my rendering of it and my memory of details (thank you, journals!). 

The great part is when a former student ‘likes’ one of my posts on the YSS Facebook page and has no idea that it’s about him because I’ve altered enough details (gender, grade, specifics if it’s not crucial to the story, etc) to make him unrecognizable.  This has happened a few times.  

In one instance, a former student messaged me with, “Hey, is today’s post about John _____ who used to sit next to me?”  And I wrote back, “It’s about you!  Don’t you remember?  You were…” (I added in a bunch of details about that moment that are not in the YSS redacted version.)  And he wrote back, “Holy s#*t!  I was a moron!!  How did you put up with me??”  

I laughed for days.  

*whose* antics, Teach.

Now following, by the way.